Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank God I'm alive!

Hi.. this is my latest update. I just had a car accident last Tuesday at Tol Cipularang km 87. I was a half way to Bandung in my friend’s car when a bus hit the car. Then the car climbed the road’s median before it turned 180° and stopped at the left path of the road. I was a lil’ bit shocked and I couldn’t feel any pain in my body at the first time. Luckily the road was empty at that time. If it wasn’t, maybe I won’t write this blog anymore. After my friend moved the car to the road side, we waited outside, under the rain, waited for help, and tried to call the insurance company

A few minutes later the help came. Well, I experienced some new things from that incident. First, it was the first time I sit at the police’s car. Second, it was the first time I took a U turn at the highway. Hmm.. okay, that was horrible, not something to brag about. We waited long enough at the police station for some administration stuffs. We’ve been fetched by my friend’s father and brother and I got back to the apartment around 10 pm. I felt so exhausted and dirty. The airbag pain in my neck and my left hand hurt very much. And my left back hurt too, I could’t turn my head to the left, but after some medication massage, I feel so much better. Until now, my body’s still exhausted. I skipped classes. I only laid on the sofa and watched the tv. I couldn’t even forced my brain to think. What a useless retreat. One thing for sure, I thank God that both of us survived the accident and still alive, without any serious injury. Praise the Lord!

And today, I forced myself to go to the campus because I had a hypnotherapy appointment with my lecturer at 3 pm. It’s not like the hypnotic things we usually see at the tv. A hypnotherapist helps us to communicate with the higher us. The deeper us. Our spirit. Or whatever it may called. I had so much questions in my mind, like who I really am. What’s the purpose of my life. And some other stuffs I was curious about. The session was very emotional that I cried hard enough to realized that I have so much problems deep down inside. I can’t wait till my next appointment next week. I’ve been so sensitive, lonely, and pathetic lately, so I wish this therapy will help me being happy again.

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