Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clemency Who?


I already posted 10 posts and I just realized that I haven't introduce myself properly.
So here I am...

My name's Ratu Clemency Charissa Tunggono.
I'm a 21 years old girl. Not a lady. Not a woman yet. 
I prefer to stay young by considering that I'm still young. 21 is young, rite?  
I have a long not-so-black messy hair. Average face. Average height. Average weight.
I have "RATU" as my title name. Yap, my ancestor was a Bantenese. 
But my other ancestor is British. The other is Chinese. 
Let's just conclude that I am Indonesian.   

I was born in a big city (Jakarta of course) but raised in a smaller city (yes, Bandung it is) and currently I live in that big city again but my home is still in that smaller city. 
I'm studying interior design at one of known universities in Jakarta. 
Many people asked me which city I prefer to live in. I never had a certain answer. 
I love Jakarta. But I also love Bandung. Both is okay for me. 

I have a lovely family. My mom, sister, and brother and I are very close. 
My dad? He's just passed away last month. 
I love him as much as I love my entire family and I'm still missing him so much.
My family is my biggest inspiration for me. Oh, I forget one thing. I'm the youngest in the family.

I love art. I love design. I love fashion. 
I love everything creative. 
Some friends said that I'm creative (thanks)
Some friends said that I'm stylish (thanks again) 
but I'm not a shopaholic, not even a great money spender. 
I spend my money carefully. I only buy things I really need and like.

I love gadgets. Who don't?
I love my macbook, blackberry, ipod, and my camera. 

I like to ride a bike. 
I ride my bike to campus sometimes.  

As a designer, I required to love colors.
I love lime and olive green, aqua blue, turqoise, fuchsia, brown, and grey.
Yes, I love eccentric colors and neutral colors at the same time. 

I like to watch tv. International channel only. 
I like to watch Flight of the Conchords. 
I think they're funny. 
I like music.
I like Feist and The Kings of Convenience (btw, I'll watch their concert on March!!)
I like to sing.
I don't really like reading.
But I don't hate it.

I'd love to have a quality time with my family and friends.
Hangout at a coffeeshop with them is my favorite activity. 
But I don't mind hangout alone. I like to go to the mall alone.
Bookstore is always my first destination.
Have I told you that I don't really like reading?
Well I just like bookstore. Especially Aksara Bookstore.
Sounds a little bit lonely, rite?
But it's fun. You gotta try sometimes!

Ooh.. Too much about me..
I think this is enough to describe myself. 
Just ask anything you're curious about if you're willing to.
One thing for sure, I love myself just the I way I am.
Now I'm officially introduced!

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