Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Personality - Doubutsu Uranai


Characteristics & Personality

1. Pegasuses hate to be restricted

2. Pegasuses have ingenious intuition

3. Pegasuses are unabashedly temperamental

4. Pegasuses can be lazy

5. Pegasuses nod but they aren't listening

6. Pegasuses suddenly disappear

7. Pegasuses are incredibly true to their own feelings

8. Pegasuses love extravagance

9. Pegasuses have trouble shaking off bad moods

10. Pegasuses are hard to figure out

You are Yellow Pegasus, who is charming but short tempered woman. 
You posses charms and well liked personality. 
You tend to be rather too emotional and over reactive, in that you can cry your eye out on nothing, or be impressed by small things.
From others you look very sociable, and likes being with people. 
But inside, you are sensitive and nervous, you are extremely cautious, and are only acting to look sociable.
Nevertheless, you can easily trust people, and tend to be soft hearted. 
You should be careful not to be deceived. 
You have great talent and intelligence. 
You are very active person and are always busy. 
Your emotions and actions are combined and you can work on great speed. 
You don't let other people come near you, and therefore tend to work on your own. 
You are also able to manipulate others to help you do your work. 
Someone who can understand your sensitivity and someone who can bring out your talent like a big sister will be a great help for you. 
You have too many likes and dislikes. 
You are temperamental tom-boy type of woman. 
You possess good speculative talent, and may be able to make huge amount of money. 
Although you are not a great spender, sometimes you easily spend great amount on impulse.
You will experience grand passion when young. 
A lot of this type of people tends to get remarried as well. 
Health wise, you should be careful about your stomach and liver. 
Having sunshine may do you good.

I think it's pretty accurate for me.. if you're interested to see your own personality, click Doubutsu Uranai


  1. this cute little white horsey really suits ur personality.. haha..
    btw cute blog.. keep it up sis!!