Saturday, May 22, 2010

Apprentice Work in Bali

I'm in 6th semester now and going on 7th and I have to rearrange my plan.
I've planned to graduate in my 4th year, and it means next year. I'm very close to that!
I never thought it will come very soon, I have to get ready.
That's why I've decided to spend my mid-year holiday to work as apprentice in my uncle's Japanese friend's office in Bali.
Why Bali? Because I want to experience a different atmosphere, and increase my standard. 
My mom will come with me in my first week there, but for the rest 1,5 month, I'll be all alone.
Alone in Bali? It scares me a bit. But I have to do that! I have to fight against my fear. I know I can do that. 
I've booked a ticket for June 30th and will start to work July 1st.
I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. 
Oh, if anyone who read this have a plan to go to Bali this holiday, please contact me.
It must be fun to meet a friend in Bali. 
And I think next semester will be an exciting semester for me since I planned to do a lot of new activities, and maybe job. 

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