Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Island of Art, Food, and Pleasure


I haven’t post anything about Bali because I was literally had no time for blogging while I was there. Me and my classmate, Jessy Bongsu, worked at PT. Desain9 (read: Desain Sembilan) in Kerobokan, Bali. The boss is a famous Japanese interior designer Nobuyuki Narabayashi, former designer at Super Potato, Japan. He had been living in Bali for over 10 years so he can speak Indonesian fluently. Desain9 is a small interior design company with huge astonishing projects, such as The Junction, Casa del Mango, Indi-vie, and so on. Formally, I worked from 10 to 6, but in reality, the clock is ticking much longer than it should be. But no matter how long we stayed at the office, I’ve never got bored, because the atmosphere is really fun and warm. I feel like we were all family from different parents. I learned many things from this small community, from the design things to lifestyle, how to have a (my boss’ version of) balance life. We spent lots of time together, even when we were not in working time. We went karaokeing, baseball, futsal (every Friday), bowling, etc. In my last week in Bali, we went to Ubud, to stay in Jungle Villa for one night. It’s a beautiful private villa, surrounded by a real tropical jungle, with a modern ethnic interior and marvelous landscape. I was really lucky to have such oportunity to experience all those things. I really Bali, and the people, and I promise I’ll come back to Bali, very soon.

Lesson learned: We should have a balance life, and we cannot be a lazy person. We have to sketch (for designers only), we have to eat, we have to drink, we have to play, and we have to do it in equal quantities.

and here's some photos from Bali...


The whole crew..
left-right: Fabian, Kris, Ishikawa San, me, Jessy, Emo, Nara San, Mbak Mila, Ai Ai, Mas Andi. 
We were celebrating Ai Ai and Mbak Mila's birthday, we ate at Laota, and had a big party at Inul Vista. We had a big fun, and everyone was going wild and crazy!


Nasi Bali @ Warung Bali Pasar Taman Sari, Kerobokan.. My favorite local food so far..

Me, in the Junction Workshop, scratching the white-washed timber wood with a piece of glass.. I went here, most in the middle of the day, and my skin became darker and darker day by day.. (see my arm?)

Feasting at Echo Beach, Canggu. Grilled seafood, steak, salad, and many more.. 

Posing at Monkey Forest Ubud

Little evil who stole ice cream from Jessy..

The stairs to Jungle Villa

I also meet my friends, Ugez and Saras, at Kuta Square when they had a school trip to Bali

Playing at Batu Belig Beach, not so far from our office

Sea Turtle Race was the only race I saw at the Independence Day in the entire 
Kerobokan - Kuta area. 

Having lunch at Teras Padi, Tegalalang, near Ubud, with Mbak Mila, Nara San, and Fabian.
And here's the beautiful view..


The not-finished-yet The Junction at night..

Bali Sampling.. The jars containing different spices, traditional foods, etc, It's really satisfying to finally see it, arranged neatly, on the kitchen front of The Junction, after a very long process,and meetings, and trips, and frustrations..

Delicious Shawarma Belgian Sandwich at The Junction

Me and Jessy, in our last hours in Bali... See you later, Bali!!

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